Thursday, April 29, 2010

your killing our babies!

STOP RUNNING!, Your killing our babies.
berlin had 3 matings last week and...
for those that dont know ( i didnt either) you must restrict the amount of exercise the dog does for 10 days after mating. Im not to sure why exactly but its a higher chance of loosing the puppies.
well berlins not too happy about not being able to run, we had her out on the lead this evening while the motor bike was going, she was jumping all round the place and i had to keep saying to her. Stop running your killing our babies.
currently she is running around the house with a teddy. Hopefulll there will still be some babies in her.

first vet trip

the first trip to the vet was 8 days into berlins season, we had to take her in to get progesterone tested, progesterone testing tells us when the bitch is ready to mate, they take a blood sample in the morning send it to a lab and you get the results in the evening. Berlins result came back as being 1.2 and you want to start mating when the progesterone reaches 4.
total breeding cost so far $85 for vet


For those who dont know me my name is Ashley Bradshaw and i work for a greyhound trainer from which i got two greyhounds (spider and berlin). First i got berlin a dog which was too old for the trainer to want to bother with (she was 3 ) i offered to try train her, she was named twirly berly and she had 16 starts for 6 placings. Unfortunatley she never won but we believe she would of had some wins if she started younger and didnt have a series of medical events (cuts on legs from fence, toe nail broke, bites on neck, and came into season) We then took on spider, Berlin and spider retired to become Greyhound As Pets supporters and helped in finding homes for other greyhounds. Last wednesday Berlin came into to season and i decided to try my hand at whelping, rearing and racing a litter of my own puppies.
i will make regular posts on this blog on how things are going so that people that own retired greyhounds can see what it took to get their greys to the track and to become pets.