Sunday, May 23, 2010

scan results

berlin just had her scan, it was an ultra sound the same as humans. she stood there while the vet put get on her tummy and did the scan. the results showed 4 or 5 puppies however they say that ultrasounds normally show less puppies than there actually are and they recommend adding 20% more puppies for the ones they cant see, due to gas and puppies hiding in the ribs etc

scotexcited has his first puppy racing tommorrow at addington "exciting kyle" wishing the trainer and dog best of luck will be an exciting race.


  1. Fantastic news about the puppies! Scotexcited sounds like a great choice as a sire too. I'm glad humans don't have 20% more hiding in there during scans!

  2. hey ashley -did you figure out how to put the picture on top of your posts? Love Fatima

  3. yup i got the picture on to of the posts fie but cant work out how to put the during the post. with writing before and after :(