Saturday, November 6, 2010

berlin being stressed

berlin was being stressed last night as her bed had been stolen!...

spider on the other hand was very settled
and an update on the puppies

lilly is standing behind ranger, with sophie upside down on the bean bag


amber and sophie


rambo, sophie and amber


  1. Cats on Berlin's bed is intimidation! Look at those two smug faces.

    One of our cats hates George and hides round corners to jump out and hiss at him. George then either dashes past or he retreats backwards (not easy when he's just reached the top of a staircase) as fast as he can, then whimpers because he's too scared to try again. At this point one of the family has to go and escort him past the cat.

    Do you have to sort this out for Berlin??


  2. Those puppies look like they've either just finished with some mischief or are plotting some! They're adorable!

  3. I'm surprised the beds are still in one piece! Don't the cats look smug, lol:-) The pups are looking gorgeous, especially Sophie!