Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the birth

okay guys im soo sorry ive been real slack so time for a major update!

Thursday 1st july.
i had been sleeping out in the office where the welping box is for a week before the puppies were due. Berlin had been having no signs of starting, nesting (digging newspaper) can start up to a week before the puppies are due however she was due today and she had no signs of starting, she was still eating and hadnt done any nesting.
We went to bed, Berlin was shut in her whelping box and i went to bed on the fold out couch. At midnight(friday 2nd) i was woken by Berlin doing a little digging, by 2 she was furiously at it. At 4 i had to remove one piece of carpet that she was trying to destroy. I managed to get a little sleep after that and was waking every half hour or so to her. At 5.30 she Berlin was stressing but no contractions had started so i left her to it.

At half 6 Berlin was really stressing but no contractions still so i let her come ot and lay with me, the moment she got on the bed and relaxed she had her show and contractions started.
i quickly moved her back to the box and sat with her.
the first puppy was born at 8.21 the first puppy was born. a black girl (amber) with a white stripe up her face, she weighed 598grams. Berlin had alot of trouble pushing this puppy out. i could see the puppies head but berlin freaked out and sat down, pushing it back in.

At 8.39, (quickest gap i have heard of) contractions started again. she only had 2 contractions and the second puppy was born, another black girl (lilly) weighing 549grams
(smallest of the litter). this was an easy puppy for berlin to give birth to. it literally slid out!

At 9.15 contractions started again but very weak. i got i little worried that she was getting tired after only two puppies. all of a sudden one very strong contraction and the pup was almost out. I swear i almost cryed with joy when i saw it was a brindle puppy ((sophie) fav colour). i knew before the sac was even broken that it was brindle. she weighed 650grams (the largest of the litter) .

there was a long gap after this puppy and we were starting to wonder on where the boys were and the blue puppies like their father?
At 11 another puppy was born, a black boy (rambo) with a white stripe and dash on his face and a white tail. he weighed 560 grams and was the second smallest of the litter.

we thought this was it as things settled down then i felt some movement in berlin so we knew there was at least one more!
At 11.50 another puppy was born, a brindle boy (ranger) weighing 620 grams.

Berlin was then given a shot of oxytocin incase she had another puppy or any after birth remaining, but she was all clear. puppies were big and strong and suckling well.

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