Saturday, August 14, 2010


I managed to get some photos of scotty (scotexcited, puppies father) he isnt very photogenic.
Scotty has a few puppies racing and the are doing very well!
exciting kyle- 14 starts 7 wins 2 seconds 1 third (now a top class dog)
duke of fern- 2 starts 1 win
ohoka bella- 5 starts 1 win
ohoka ben- 13 starts 2 wins 3 seconds 2 thirds

with several more named and ready to start racing!


  1. He's gorgeous and he's got ears like Beryl:-) Hope your pups turn out good racers too, Ashley.

  2. did you see the reply that we are keeping all the puppies??
    and he passes big ears onto his puppies, ill get some photos of his other puppies to show you

  3. Are you kidding me?! That dog is stunning! Holy smokes! Pack him up and mail him to the States, please! The puppies are all adorable, too, and I've been enjoying their cuteness a great deal!

  4. Hi
    Have two scotexcited pups have a look at to see them.
    Good luck